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Encouraging Growth

Trena Laine provides virtual meetups and workshops for individuals or beauty and wellness companies with staff/teams. These meetups provide assistance with both professional career and personal development. Trena’s confidence-boosting, empowering sessions allow you to up your game in work and play and foster success in the beauty industry, success as an operating team and challenge the way you think of business.

“We are in the business of relationships”, is Trena’s motto behind everything she does. Her exceptional experience with suggesting and providing an one on one with yourself or with your team will enable you all to move past fears, implement better structure and foster better customer care and service.

Virtual Meetup Overview

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What’s Included

  • Approx 3-4 hour meeting
  • Professional and business guidance and advice from Trena Laine
  • An opportunity to ask Trena your questions

The way we do business following 2020 has evolved and if you are not sure where to pivot, feel overwhelmed, or confused in your direction, look no further than a virtual meetup with Trena.  Topics may include client building and long-term relationships to goal setting and changing habits to strategizing and chatting about how to manage your finances whether you work for yourself, responding to obstacles, and how you spend your 24 hours. This is all based on where you or your team may be at this time. Trena will adjust the virtual meetup to compliment your current needs.

The Potential Outline:

Based on the needs of you and/or your team/staff.

  1. The Why – the fuel, the dream, the career or business you are manifesting
  2. Establishing Goals and Intentions (the next 90 days to a 2-5 year plan)
  3. Cultivating New Habits for both Personal and Professional growth (how you spend your 24 hours)
  4. In the Business of Relationships  (develop clients, collaborations, partnerships, industry pals etc)
  5.  Personalities + Behaviors
  6.  Diversity in the workplace
  7. Obstacles (recognize, understand, pivot/adjust and move forward- everything from $ to relationships to personal and professional development)
  8. Wrap up with the first 3 things to focus on following our meeting. 

We are here for you and your business. Inquire to schedule your Virtual Meeting.

Payments required in full prior to meeting date. Link to meeting will be provided closer to date.

No matter where you are in the pursuit of your career or where you are taking your staff/team, you will appreciate tasks and well thought of exercises presented by Trena that will help you overcome fear, doubt and where you spend your energy as you expand skills in both professional and personal.

Student Testimonials

  • That was great, what a fantastic addition to the beginning of our Beauty Therapy term. It complimented what we've be talking about the last 10 days and the Business Studies that they'll be tackling tomorrow very well, and again, you're inspirational. Thanks for working with our department up here! I hope you have a great rest of your week!

  • It’s Hope from the Virtual Meeting today. I wanted to email you and say thank you. I know this webinar was apart of class, but it was more than that. I’ve been going through some rough things and I’ve really been struggling lately but your webinar today helped me re focus myself on the real goal and the bigger picture that I can control my life. I just wanted to say thank you, it really had an impact.

  • "My main takeaway from this webinar would be that networking is HUGE in terms of getting far in this industry. A majority of what Trena explained had something to do with reaching out to people, knowing how to talk and deal with clients, how to reach out to big corporations, etc. Even just collaborating with classmates could be extremely beneficial in ways I have never thought of before but Thankfully Trena gave me some good nuggets to work off of. Overall I really enjoyed this webinar and I hope to see Trena more in future modules!"

  • "Hearing and learning about what goes into branding yourself with Trena has been a real eye-opener for me. Wanting to open up a business eventually is the ultimate goal. So the one thing that stood out the most about this webinar was budgeting, the reason being this is something I have been struggling with as of recently. Hearing all the tips and tricks like setting a goal to put away a certain amount of money each paycheque, or even setting weekly income goals is information I had already heard about, but I just never knew how to translate it into this industry"


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