Course 6: Starting Your Own Business


As we come into our 6th course to achieve your Professional Makeup Artist certification, or maybe for those who have just joined to jump start your own business, this course is designed to help you get started on starting your own business. From freelancing, to retail, to MLM’s, here are Trena’s tips for a great way of thinking and setting yourself up for success to get the ball rolling. Let’s start the conversation on your brand. Beginning with the direction of where you see yourself going and what you desire to specialize in. Do you have a desire to travel for work and play, or to be the retail guru who loves to sell products with services, or is there a certain industry you wish to get involved in but need to make connections? Join us here in Course 6 on how to start your own business. We have great nuggets of wisdom and easy strategies to follow that will get you moving in the direction you desire!