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Who is Trena Laine?

Trena Laine’s journey as an award-winning professional makeup artist spans an incredible 18 years in the beauty industry. Her path began as a facialist and skin therapist, driven by a deep interest in addressing clients’ skin concerns. This passion led her to delve into natural products backed by science, ultimately propelling her into the realm of professional makeup artistry.
Renowned for her work in luxury weddings, events, runway shows, and photoshoots, Trena’s expertise became highly sought after.
As her business expanded, she assembled a remarkably talented team and launched her own makeup line in 2014.
Drawing from her extensive experience and skincare knowledge, she crafted a Canadian-made, all-natural, cruelty-free, performance-driven, vegan, and gluten-free makeup range. Trena and her team proudly use these products on their clients and provide students with the tools to hone their skills.
In 2008, Trena began sharing her industry expertise, leading to the widespread popularity of her courses. Leveraging over 16 years of experience, a portfolio of award-winning looks, and a meticulously perfected makeup line, she now offers a professional online makeup certification program, enriching aspiring artists with her wealth of knowledge and artistry.

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Our program and courses are designed to give you the confidence and skills you need to be job ready! It is like having your own coach in the back of your pocket.  Our detailed videos are effective, informative,  fun, and a total game changer for anyone looking to build a successful career as a makeup artist.

Here at Trena Laine we firmly believe looking refreshed, bright and rested are the best makeup goals you can achieve and we look forward to teaching you everything we know; so you can go out there and achieve your goals in life!

Welcome to the Trena Laine family, we can’t wait to grow with you!

Student Testimonials

  • As a busy mom, it's been nice to go at my own pace with the training and to fit it in when it works with our schedules. I like the personal touch with Trena Laine's training platform as it feels I'm getting one on one training. This program is assisting as a great reminder for myself of how things work directly with clients in person and has brought me up to speed on current situations, including new products out there to help with some skin conditions. I mostly work with clients through video chat so it's nice to know I have those options to offer them if those skin conditions ever come up. I am feeling confident in the knowledge and skills I am training with in this program!

    T. Rhondel
  • I found this program to be a really nice refresher and add onto my certification. I have been working as a professional MUA for almost three years now but still found the little reminders I got from the course like re adding cold sore bandaids to my kit or reinstalling the skills that I had but may have forgotten due to not seeing it often like peeling sunburns or that I can apply makeup adequately and gently on a bride who didn't give a heads up about her raw, fresh and sore acne breakout.

    M. Lefebvre
  • I understand the makeup applications so much more now. The online courses are very straight forward and easy to train with. Thank you!

    F. Oram
  • The program is very easy to follow, with the value far exceeding the posted cost. Her and her team’s approach in encompassing all facets of learning, including but not limited to, the artistic approach, basic to advanced understanding of all aspects of colour theory, to starting and maintaining a business is absolutely ground breaking in approach. This is where other programs lack, that this course picks up. The mix of artistic, and real-life application of your new skills.

    C. Smith
  • I felt that Trena Laine brings fun and humour. Taking this course was not at all what i expected, it was better!  I like the fact that Trena could teach all from past experience and is not reading to us directly from a book. Very hands on.

    S. Flores
  • I loved it all, I loved that I learned so many new techniques. I’m so thankful (now) that Trena covers in depth how to work with skin conditions. I had no idea these things existed.  I also really liked the business and marketing portion as well, I learned more a lot through that. Gave me confidence!

    S. Rushforth
  • I am proud to say I own and operate my own makeup business. I was able to leave nearly 9 years of working for Shoppers Drug Mart, in the Beauty Boutique to pursue my passion in an official compacity. I support my family on my own terms. My successes now include, full publication, international recognition, as well as national and international travel. All due to the excellent teachings, and course outline of Trena Olfert.

    C. Smith
  • That was great, what a fantastic addition to the beginning of our Beauty Therapy term. It complimented what we've be talking about the last 10 days and the Business Studies that they'll be tackling tomorrow very well, and again, you're inspirational. Thanks for working with our department up here! I hope you have a great rest of your week!

  • It’s Hope from the Virtual Meeting today. I wanted to email you and say thank you. I know this webinar was apart of class, but it was more than that. I’ve been going through some rough things and I’ve really been struggling lately but your webinar today helped me re focus myself on the real goal and the bigger picture that I can control my life. I just wanted to say thank you, it really had an impact.

  • "My main takeaway from this webinar would be that networking is HUGE in terms of getting far in this industry. A majority of what Trena explained had something to do with reaching out to people, knowing how to talk and deal with clients, how to reach out to big corporations, etc. Even just collaborating with classmates could be extremely beneficial in ways I have never thought of before but Thankfully Trena gave me some good nuggets to work off of. Overall I really enjoyed this webinar and I hope to see Trena more in future modules!"


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