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Understanding Business, Finances & Making That Money

Build Your Foundation, Colour Your Career, Shape Your Future

Understanding Business vs Personal Financials & Structuring Your Business Accordingly Right from the Get Go

We have brought together three successful entrepreneurs to share incredible insight specifically for this course. Shining the light on topics such as how you encourage your wealth. Are you disciplined in the areas to treat your money well and utilize it to it’s best? Are you timid in jumping in to invest wisely or where to start with strategizing? Where does one even start when it comes to launching a business?

Professional Accountant, Vanessa Hebb, shares her top 5 best tips including how to read your financials, shareholder information, understanding CRA debt and better practises to keep your “baby” always at the forefront.

If you have joined us in our Makeup Certificate Program, our Course 6 visits on budget planning and aligning yourself with an accountant, a lawyer, and how to properly license and insure your company. However, in this course we take it to the next level and also share exercises and examples from Photographer Jessica Catherin and Award-Winning Makeup Artist, Trena Laine. Allow us this opportunity to provide the best tips to get you moving into your career path that you have always dreamed of!


What’s Included

  • Video instruction for both theory & practical work
  • Lifetime access to videos

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