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Trena Laine’s Professional Online Makeup Certification Course

Build Your Foundation, Colour Your Career, Shape Your Future

Welcome to Trena Laine’s Professional Online Makeup Certification Course.

These courses emphasize both theory and practical work and will empower you with the basics you need to know in order to get started on your career.  Our mission is to get students prepared for the entire experience of working with clients confidently in different professional settings.

The Professional Makeup Certificate from Trena Laine

Build a rewarding career in makeup artistry as you shape your future for either an amazing career with an already established company, or to start your own lucrative freelance business! With the Professional Makeup Certificate from Trena Laine, you will receive credentials from a recognized and highly respected educator in this exciting field. Makeup artistry is a very competitive industry and always evolving; this certificate elevates you above the competition with knowledge and experience from highly trained, qualified, and accomplished professionals in the beauty industry.

The 6 detailed courses include Fundamentals, Advanced Skin Conditions, Wedding Makeup, Event Makeup, Fashion Makeup, Camera and Photography Makeup, Simple Hairstyling, Lash and Lip Applications, and intro to Business & Career Startup.

Course 1 – Fundamentals of Basic Makeup – This course is the first installment of your professional makeup training, on your road to getting our complete Trena Laine Professional Makeup Certificate. Our Fundamentals of Basic Makeup Course has a strong emphasis on both theory and practical work and will empower you with the basics you need in order to get started on your career.

Course 2 – Advanced Skin Conditions – You will study advanced skin conditions that you will come across during your makeup career. This course is a necessity in guiding you through several techniques for application to clients with different skin conditions, age, ethnicity, and more.

Course 3 – Wedding & Event Makeup – This course teaches you all the industry secrets and skills needed to create timeless looks for both on-camera makeup and wedding makeup. At times these two things go hand in hand but we also take the time to visit outdoor natural lighting vs. indoor studio lighting, corporate/commercial photoshoots.

Course 4 – Fashion & Avante-Garde Intro – In this course, we dive into playing with makeup from different eras. We introduce you to 3 modules that showcase looks with inspiration from different time periods and get creative with time-inspired looks for weddings and themed client events.

Course 5 – Advanced Makeup & Trouble-Shooting – This course is designed to stretch and make your abilities adaptable, so you can pivot when you need to. We teach you how to hold tools better, see your client’s face curves, adjust techniques, learn how your client’s skin responds to certain products, and much more.

Course 6 – Business Start-Up –  This course is designed to help you get started on growing your own business. From freelancing to retail, to MLM’s, here in this course you learn all of Trena’s tips to get the ball rolling and set yourself up for career success.

$1099 $1494 $395 OFF!

What’s Included

  • 6 available courses with online worksheets
  • total of 24 modules and 14 thorough and extensive practical videos
  • 288 hours total/ 4.5 weeks or up to 12 weeks of study
  • Video instruction provided for both theory & practical work
  • Request a personal one-on-one visit with your coach during your studies
  • Online exams
  • Lifetime access to materials & videos
  • Course completion certificates
  • Final Certificate for the entire program

Membership Program

What you’ll learn from our educational platform

  • Professional makeup
  • Portfolio work
  • Strong makeup business mindset
  • Makeup theory
  • Case Study Practical Work
  • Marketing and branding tools
  • Assessing the client’s needs
  • Assess and treat different skin conditions
  • Trends vs. personal style
  • Wide range of techniques to help with real life experience

This course includes

  • Safety and sanitation standards
  • How to address skin conditions
  • Building your tool kit
  • Understanding colour theory
  • Basic eye shapes, face shapes, nose contouring & brows
  • Studying the art of all eye, face & nose shapes
  • Introduction to brow shading and shaping 
  • Proper contour and highlighting techniques
  • Practical work on oneself and other models

Student Contract

Upon registering, please download the available Student Contract and sign & email directly to 

Please also retain a copy of this contract for your records.

About Trena Laine

Trena is an Award-Winning Professional Makeup Artist with over 16 years’ experience in the industry. Having run a successful makeup company, Trena has been educating and providing training to aspiring artists for the past decade. This certificate program course is designed not only to certify them as a professional makeup artists, but to also guide them in building the necessary confidence in their skills, and to assist in crafting the tools and skills necessary to be job ready.

The detailed learning and knowledge in both the theory and practical videos will provide a ton of support and experience from this program. A game changer for anyone who desires a rewarding career as a makeup artist.

The Trena Laine Makeup Company is based in Calgary, AB, and provides mobile makeup and hair services from the Rockies, to Vancouver, to Fernie, and everywhere in between. Trena Laine produces their own cosmetic line under the Trena Laine brand.

Photo Credit Jessica Catherin Photography.


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