• Hearing and learning about what goes into branding yourself has been a real eye-opener for me. Wanting to open up a business eventually is the ultimate goal. So the one thing that stood out the most about this webinar was budgeting, the reason being this is something I have been struggling with recently. Hearing all the tips and tricks like setting a goal to put away a certain amount of money each paycheque, or even setting weekly income goals is information I had already heard about, but I just never knew how to translate it into this industry"

  • "I appreciated her teaching us about how to separate our lives from our career."

  • "My main takeaway from this webinar would be that networking is HUGE in terms of getting far in this industry. A majority of what Trena explained had something to do with reaching out to people, knowing how to talk and deal with clients, how to reach out to big corporations, etc. Even just collaborating with classmates could be extremely beneficial in ways I have never thought of before but Thankfully Trena gave me some good nuggets to work off of. Overall I really enjoyed this webinar and I hope to see Trena more in future modules!"

  • "....what I found most useful was how Trena described how we should view our clients. She told us to view your clientele as a little community or village and to treat your time with them as a journey."


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