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Professional Online Makeup Certification Program

Welcome to Trena Laine’s online training that provides Trena’s master makeup artistry skills and industry secrets. Well known as the natural beauty or natural enhancement artist, Trena uncovers more than your typical YouTube style makeup inspiration and tackles real life client situations. Everyone who has worked with Trena Laine understand their needs will be met and that anyone who studies with us can have the same rewarding opportunity we have had for the past 15 years.

Our thoughtfully comprehensive Professional Makeup Certification Program consists of 6 detailed courses that emphasize strongly in both theory and practical work.

This will empower you with more than just the basics you need to know in order to get started on your career. Our mission is to get students prepared for the entire experience of working with clients confidently in different professional settings, assessing clients and working with any potential skin conditions or age within makeup skillset. 

The learning element and knowledgeable experience provided in both the theory and practical videos will assist with supporting your training at entirely new level with this program. A game changer for anyone who desires a rewarding career as a Professional Makeup Artist.

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What’s Included

  • 6 available courses with worksheets
  • 288 hours total/ 4.5 weeks or up to 12 weeks of study
  • Video instruction provided for both theory & practical work
  • Online exams
  • Lifetime access to materials & videos
  • Course completion certificates

Membership Program

Professional Online Hairstyling Certification Program

We find most photographers and other vendors we work with in our industries value a makeup artist who can also style hair for their client and most clients hiring prefer those with actual training including experience in this field. From corporate to engagement to boudoir to weddings, having an understanding of styling the human hair needs to be discussed.

Join Trena Laine and Professional Hair Stylist, Paige Ontkean for an exclusive training that combines detailed theory on proper sanitation and disinfecting, how to work with scalp conditions and other potential situations you may come across as fungus, scabs, or psoriasis of the scalp. How to work with sanitation and cleansing tools to effectively clean your tools.


What’s Included

  • Video instruction for both theory & practical work
  • Lifetime access to videos
  • 3 comprehensive modules
  • Online exam to challenge oneself
  • Certificate of course completion

Individual Beauty Courses & Classes


Makeup Class:

Art of Brows

We've pulled together a series of videos that demonstrate how to measure and properly align bows to suit your client’s face shapes.


Makeup Class:

Acne Skin

Welcome to a small introduction to Makeup for Acne Class. We demonstrate face makeup and proper contour/highlighting for oily acne skin.


Makeup Class:

Camera Ready Makeup

One of our favourite classes for learning specifics on makeup application for cameras and different lighting settings.


Makeup Class:

Lips, Liner & Lashes

We'll show you how to best hold tools, how to work with your clients, as well as we revisit some fundamental practical skills in this class.


Makeup Class:

Mature Skin

Welcome to the Makeup for Mature Skin Class where we demonstrate face makeup and proper techniques for application.


Makeup Class:

Teens & Tweens

Let's get into our tips and tricks for the perfect makeup application on younger clients and how to fix common issues artists run into.


Makeup Class:

Wedding Makeup

Trena shares how to hold tools and execute several different feels of brows on a variety of face shapes, skin tones, and skin types.


Makeup Course 1:

Fundamentals of Basic Makeup

Our Fundamentals of Basic Makeup Course has a strong emphasis on both theory and practical work and will empower you with the basics you need in order to get started on your career.


Makeup Course 2:

Advanced Skin Conditions & Assesments

This course is a necessity in guiding you through several techniques for application to clients with different skin conditions, ages, ethnicity, and more.


Makeup Course 3:

Wedding & Events Makeup

This course teaches you all the industry secrets and skills needed to create timeless looks for both on-camera makeup and wedding makeup. We visit outdoor natural lighting vs. indoor studio lighting.


Makeup Course 4:

Fashion & Avant Garde Makeup

In this course, we dive into playing with makeup from different eras. We showcase looks with inspiration from different time periods and get creative with time-inspired looks for weddings and themed client events.


Makeup Course 5:

Advanced Makeup Techniques & Intro to Hair

This course is designed to make your abilities adaptable, so you can pivot when you need to. Advanced client assessment, product response to skin, and intro to hair are all in this course.


Professional Hair Styling Certification

Join Trena Laine and Professional Hair Stylist, Paige, for this exclusive course that combines detailed theory on different scalp conditions and how to effectively sanitize tools, with practical demonstrations on styling tips and techniques for different hair types.


Speciality Makeup Course:

Shades of Beauty with Kada

Join us with our dear friend and fellow Pro Makeup Artist, Kada Issa, as we discover makeup inspiration for traditions and culture!


Trena Laine’s Professional Online Makeup Certification Course

Trena Laine Makeup

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