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Professional Online Makeup Certification Program

Welcome to Award-Winning, Trena Laine’s online training that provides Trena’s master makeup artistry skills and industry secrets. Well known as the natural beauty or natural enhancement artist, Trena uncovers more than your typical YouTube style makeup inspiration and tackles real life client situations. Everyone who has worked with Trena Laine understand their needs will be met and that anyone who studies with us can have the same rewarding opportunity we have had for the past 16 years.

Our thoughtfully comprehensive Professional Makeup Certification Program consists of 6 detailed courses that emphasize strongly in both theory and practical work. All Trena Laine programs and courses are licensed by the Private Career College Branch of Alberta Advanced Education to ensure the highest quality of education is delivered to you.

This will empower you with more than just the basics you need to know in order to get started on your career. Our mission is to get students prepared for the entire experience of working with clients confidently in different professional settings, assessing clients and working with any potential skin conditions or age within makeup skillset. 

The learning element and knowledgeable experience provided in both the theory and practical videos will assist with supporting your training at entirely new level with this program. A game changer for anyone who desires a rewarding career and certification as a Professional Makeup Artist.

“It is like having your personal coach right with you, these courses are so well descriptive”

– T. Rhondel

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What’s Included

  • 6 available courses with online worksheets
  • 288 hours total/ 4.5 weeks or up to 12 weeks of study
  • Video instruction provided for both theory & practical work
  • Request a personal one-on-one visit with your coach during your studies
  • Join our private group page to learn from others
  • Online exams
  • Lifetime access to materials & videos
  • Course completion certificates
  • Final Certificate for the entire program

Membership Program

Individual Courses

Not looking for the full certificate? Feel free to also choose the courses you want to learn and receive individual course certificates.


Makeup Course 1:

Fundamentals of Basic Makeup

Our Fundamentals of Basic Makeup Course has a strong emphasis on both theory and practical work and will empower you with the basics you need in order to get started on your career.

Makeup Course 2:

Advanced Skin Conditions & Assesments

This course is a necessity in guiding you through several techniques for application to clients with different skin conditions, ages, ethnicity, and more.

Makeup Course 3:

Wedding & Events Makeup

This course teaches you all the industry secrets and skills needed to create timeless looks for both on-camera makeup and wedding makeup. We visit outdoor natural lighting vs. indoor studio lighting.

Makeup Course 4:

Fashion & Avant Garde Makeup

In this course, we dive into playing with makeup from different eras. We showcase looks with inspiration from different time periods and get creative with time-inspired looks for weddings and themed client events.

Makeup Course 5:

Advanced Makeup Techniques & Intro to Hair

This course is designed to make your abilities adaptable, so you can pivot when you need to. Advanced client assessment, product response to skin, and intro to hair are all in this course.

Business Course 6:

Business Start-Up & Intro to Branding

This course is designed to help you get started on starting your own business. From freelancing, to retail, to MLM’s, here's Trena’s tips for setting yourself up for success...

About Trena Laine

Award-winning Professional Makeup Artist, Trena Laine, has over 16+ years’ experience in the industry, having run a successful makeup company, and retailing her own Canadian Made makeup line,  Trena developed this educational model following training aspiring artists for the past decade. 

The full makeup artist certification program is designed not only to certify artists as professional makeup artists, but to also guide them in building the necessary confidence in their skills, and to assist in crafting the tools and confidence necessary to be job-ready.

The Trena Laine Makeup Company is based in Calgary, AB, and provides mobile makeup and hair services from the city and over into the Rockies. 

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.”
Leonardo da Vinci

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Check out Trena’s latest video snippet for quick tips & tricks!


Trena Laine Makeup Shop

Be sure to order your professional makeup products, tools and basic staples to learn effectively! Made in Canada, Cruelty-Free, Paraben & Fragrance Free.

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Professional Online Hairstyling Certification Program

We find most photographers and other vendors we work with in our industries value a makeup artist who can also style hair for their client and most clients hiring prefer those with actual training including experience in this field. From corporate to engagement to boudoir to weddings, having an understanding of styling the human hair needs to be discussed.

Join Trena Laine and Professional Hair Stylist, Paige Ontkean for an exclusive training that combines detailed theory on proper sanitation and disinfecting, how to work with scalp conditions and other potential situations you may come across as fungus, scabs, or psoriasis of the scalp. How to work with sanitation and cleansing tools to effectively clean your tools.


What’s Included

  • Video instruction for both theory & practical work
  • Lifetime access to videos
  • 3 comprehensive modules
  • Online exam to challenge oneself
  • Certificate of course completion

Specialty Courses, Classes & Workshops

Need to brush up on a specific topic or looking for some real life application advice? Check out our library of specialty single classes and courses.

Classes are great for individuals wanting to learn DIY for their own personal use. Courses are hands down for the aspiring makeup artists taking their careers to the next level. Be sure to check out the business development courses available.


Business Class:

Brand Yourself Workshop

A bootcamp style workshop that inspires, motivates and encourages you to move yourself forward. Get out of your own way!

Makeup Class:

Art of Brows

We've pulled together a series of videos that demonstrate how to measure and properly align bows to suit your client’s face shapes.

Makeup Class:

Acne Skin

Welcome to a small introduction to Makeup for Acne Class. We demonstrate face makeup and proper contour/highlighting for oily acne skin.
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Student Testimonials

  • As a busy mom, it's been nice to go at my own pace with the training and to fit it in when it works with our schedules. I like the personal touch with Trena Laine's training platform as it feels I'm getting one on one training. This program is assisting as a great reminder for myself of how things work directly with clients in person and has brought me up to speed on current situations, including new products out there to help with some skin conditions. I mostly work with clients through video chat so it's nice to know I have those options to offer them if those skin conditions ever come up. I am feeling confident in the knowledge and skills I am training with in this program!

    T. Rhondel
  • I found this program to be a really nice refresher and add onto my certification. I have been working as a professional MUA for almost three years now but still found the little reminders I got from the course like re adding cold sore bandaids to my kit or reinstalling the skills that I had but may have forgotten due to not seeing it often like peeling sunburns or that I can apply makeup adequately and gently on a bride who didn't give a heads up about her raw, fresh and sore acne breakout.

    M. Lefebvre
  • I understand the makeup applications so much more now. The online courses are very straight forward and easy to train with. Thank you!

    F. Oram
  • The program is very easy to follow, with the value far exceeding the posted cost. Her and her team’s approach in encompassing all facets of learning, including but not limited to, the artistic approach, basic to advanced understanding of all aspects of colour theory, to starting and maintaining a business is absolutely ground breaking in approach. This is where other programs lack, that this course picks up. The mix of artistic, and real-life application of your new skills.

    C. Smith
  • I felt that Trena Laine brings fun and humour. Taking this course was not at all what i expected, it was better!  I like the fact that Trena could teach all from past experience and is not reading to us directly from a book. Very hands on.

    S. Flores
  • I loved it all, I loved that I learned so many new techniques. I’m so thankful (now) that Trena covers in depth how to work with skin conditions. I had no idea these things existed.  I also really liked the business and marketing portion as well, I learned more a lot through that. Gave me confidence!

    S. Rushforth
  • I am proud to say I own and operate my own makeup business. I was able to leave nearly 9 years of working for Shoppers Drug Mart, in the Beauty Boutique to pursue my passion in an official compacity. I support my family on my own terms. My successes now include, full publication, international recognition, as well as national and international travel. All due to the excellent teachings, and course outline of Trena Olfert.

    C. Smith

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